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A Great Way To Give Your Business A Boost: Internet Marketing

Aug 21, 2012 by Administrator

  A Great Way To Give Your...

Adding Value With Quality Articles And Content

Jul 29, 2012 by Administrator

  Adding Value With Quality...

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Hannie Tan

Phone +6287887220551
Biography Business development department as manager, working with Marketing and Sales teams to expand market base in Indonesia, regional markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. PT Naga Semut has capacity and expertise for plastic bag manufacture with integrated plant in Kebumen, Central Java. Customers may choose to request customization for print, color and plastic grade. Highest quality for oxo-degradability and food. It specializes in PP, PE, HD, PET plastics. Consult with us before you order.
Member since May 3, 2017

PT Naga Semut is one of plastic manufacturer in Indonesia. It has been in business and production since 1967, through various phases of growth until its existence until today.  Naga Semut produces...

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