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A Great Way To Give Your Business A Boost: Internet Marketing

Aug 21, 2012 by Administrator

  A Great Way To Give Your...

Adding Value With Quality Articles And Content

Jul 29, 2012 by Administrator

  Adding Value With Quality...

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Yusuf Manji

Yusuf Manji

Biography Yusuf Manji, the CEO of Quality Group Tanzania and one of the richest men in Africa, was born into a life of privilege. Highly intelligent and educated in the US he took over his family business and grew it into one of the most successful businesses in Tanzania. This book, written by an eyewitness, talks about the aspect of Yusuf Manji’s life that is hidden from the public eye. Sex, drugs, money, corruption, are all words that don’t convey the depravity of a man who has had power and money his
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