How To Complete Epson Printer Driver Download Process

Posted on 6 January, 2021 by Epson Printer

How To Complete Epson Printer Driver Download Process

You need to visit epson official website for checking compatibility of printer model with your specific OS. Now you need to select the support section for Epson Printer Driver Download and installation.

Follow the steps:

•    Search Printer driver on your Computer.
•    Visit Control Panel.
•    Select Device Manager.
•    Find printer you want to update.
•    If there is yellow mark next to device name.
•    Right-click on device name.
•    Choose Update Driver Software.
•    Now search for latest driver package.
•    Follow the display instructions.
•    Go to epson support page on their authorize website and choose printers from drop-down menu.
•    Choose your specific printer model from list of printers.
•    Afterward, you need to choose printer model name and this will redirect you to next page from where you have to choose OS.
•    Now, choose and download epson printer drivers as per your model and OS.

Steps to follow for installing Printer Drivers:

•    Visit Control Panel.
•    Select Device Manager.
•    Find Printer device you want to update.
•    If yellow mark is next to device.
•    Right-click on device name.
•    Choose Driver Software update.
•    Now, click browse my computer for driver software.
•    Follow the display instructions for installing epson printer drivers.

How do I update Epson Driver with Windows Update?

Epson and Microsoft has introduced updates for fixing printing errors. With assistance of window updates, these updates get easily install.
Follow the steps mention below for updating epson drivers with Windows Update:
•    Choose Start.
•    Go to Settings.
•    Tap Update & Security.
•    Select Windows Update from left side.
•    Choose check for updates.
•    After that allow window to search latest updates for your system.
•    Click the updates available.
•    Choose driver that you want to install and then click Ok.

If there is no display of any link then this states that windows update has not find any latest update for your system.

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