Here's How You Can Gain Liquidity in Your Business!

Posted on 13 November, 2021 by Finway FSC

Here's How You Can Gain Liquidity in Your Business!

It is challenging to sell low liquidity assets for their actual value, especially when you confront an inventory shortage just before holidays. It is helpful to get an online business loan to help with this. Finway is a great way to apply for loans.

Reasons for having Liquidity:

1. Financing and Credit Requirements

Liquidity is critical for your business if you need to borrow money. A small business's liquidity ratio will show potential investors and creditors that your firm is solid and robust, with adequate assets to weather any storms.

2. Liquidity will assist you in an emergency.

To boost your company's liquidity, you must be able to identify what assets you have that can be sold if you run out of cash. Stocks that have been liquidated, receivables that have been collected, inventory that has been sold, and unwanted supplies that have been returned are all certain methods to increase cash flow. It's a good idea to have a strategy in place before hardship strikes.

3 Ways to Increase Your Company's Liquidity

1. Equity Capital

A unit of ownership in a firm is called equity or shares, and equity capital is produced by issuing shares to shareholders. Share capital is another name for it. Even though the business strategy is untested, early-stage MSMEs receive the majority of equity finance. Because equity is a kind of risk capital, investors seek out opportunities with the best chances of profit. Early-stage businesses have the greatest potential for capital appreciation, whereas mature businesses have a constricted development trajectory and offer stable but lower returns. Finway has the best people to help you with a business loan online apply to get the best result.

2. Entrepreneurial Debt

There are venture firms that give debt funding in the same way as venture capital does. Although venture debt is structured as a term loan, the length and repayment schedule are tailored to the needs of MSME businesses. Venture loan tenures typically run from six months to three years, with interest rates ranging from one per cent to fifteen per cent. This is usually accompanied by warrants/equity options given in favour of the Venture Debt fund by micro, small, and medium businesses.

3. Small and medium-sized business exchange

To get its shares listed on a legitimate stock market, a firm must fulfil certain SEBI conditions. These requirements include an operational profit of Rs 15 crore in the previous three years, a minimum post-issue market cap of Rs 25 crore, and so on. However, the necessity to allow even smaller/younger enterprises to obtain money from the public through capital markets became apparent over time. As a result, such businesses, known as SMEs (small and medium enterprises), were permitted to obtain funds on a separate trading platform with reduced entry restrictions. An SME exchange is the name for this type of trading platform. For an online business loan, Finway is the way to go.


The capacity of a corporation to repay its debts is a key indicator of its financial health. A firm that can pay its operating expenditures and pay down its debts with profits generated through its operations and practical asset usage is more likely to prosper and develop.

Paying down liabilities, decreasing expenses, employing long-term financing, and managing receivables and payables can all help to enhance liquidity ratios, which assess a company's ability to do so. However, a larger liquidity ratio does not automatically suggest a better firm since it might indicate a corporation not properly managing its assets to build its business. Take Finway's help and get a business loan online apply.

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