Total Academic Tools to be Used by Students

Posted on 24 February, 2023 by Josephine Linnea

Total Academic Tools to be Used by Students

The use of academic tools is exceeding, with more students going through extreme academic pressure. Online tools like paper checkers are proving to be highly beneficial and help students lessen their academic burden and thus progress academically faster.  

Here is a list of top suggested Spell Checker that will help you be more effective and complete your academic goals faster:

1. Chegg

Chegg is another top-ranked productivity tool that is considered to be a jack-of-all-trades. This is excellent software to solve math problems that seem impossible to solve. It has got thousands of flashcards that you can select, or you can even create your own. You do not need to worry about chemistry equation balancer, as chegg will immediately flag those mistakes. You can also use Chegg for customizing cover letters and prep for job interviews.

2. ColdTurkey

Willpower may not be enough to get rid of distractions in some tomes. This is where Coldturkey comes into the picture. It helps block games, apps, websites, Google searches and even the whole internet. You may also block certain sites and set time limits to keep you from browsing. This way, your short study breaks will not end up binge-watching.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an excellent grammar and apa reference generator that you can use online. You can use the free as well as the premium version. This is the most popular grammar checking software available on the market. Students from top universities and colleges use this tool. This user-friendly software makes useful suggestions for improving your sentence structure.

4. Chemical equation balancer

This can be useful software for students specialising in chemistry subject. The tool will balance the structure; balance your equation, equilibrium, and constant substance properties with chemical formulas and names. It will display your answer in just a few seconds. All you require to do is enter an equation of the chemical reaction and press the button saying 'balance'. An online Oxford Referencing Generator will help you get an accurate result.

5. Plagiarism paper checker

Online plagiarism Essay Rewriter is another effective tool that you can use to ensure there are no grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes existing in your content. They are supported by advanced AI that will help you check unauthorised content in a minute and will ensure it is a 100% plagiarism-free essay solution.

Here is a list of the top academic software vital for every student planning to lead a successful academic life.

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