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Knowing how to choose the right dinnerware for the kitchen or dining room is often recognized as one of the “finishing touches,” making the area the focal point of your home. It can turn the mundane and functional item into a design statement, and it can complement your kitchen or dining room design to finish an area into a desirable living space.


The dining room table is often the only place where the whole family can gather and interact each day, and it will also be the center of any entertainment, so having the perfect look, with the right level of accessories and extras, will make all the difference. .


The difficulty is that there are so many articles that can fall into this category, that where is the line drawn. You can be adding to a collection, or building your own.


Colors and patterns may need to match the décor, or it may be that showing "the brand" is all that matters. As the cost of these accessories has dropped over the years, many people have two sets: a basic range for everyday wear, and their "Sunday best" for special occasions.


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How to choose the dishes safely?

To know how to choose dishes, it is essential that you know each kitchen utensil available today.


Bowls The bowls have many uses and different functions in the kitchen and dining room and come in many sizes, styles and designs. They can be used for cooking or baking, but are primarily used to serve food, from cereals to desserts. Depending on the material the bowl is made of, they can be used to hold hot foods and liquids, while others can only be used for cold foods. Also, some bowls may be oven and / or microwave safe.


Butter dishes Butter dishes, when you know how to choose your dinnerware, are small rectangular plates or plates with a deep lid with its own handle that will completely cover a block of butter. Butter can be stored hygienically and kept at room temperature, making it easy to spread. A churn can be part of a collection, matching your crockery and other tableware.


Cake Stand Great for displaying your home baking triumphs, a cake stand is the perfect centerpiece for a tea party or celebration. A cake stand can be used as a base for your cake when decorating it, but they are generally used to display and serve your cake. Some designs come with a domed lid so the cake can be stored on site. Others are tiered (usually two or three tiers) to display smaller treats or sandwiches. The tiers are linked together by metal stems that can be unscrewed when the cake stand is stored.


Cups and Bowls Tea cups and saucers are an important part of British afternoon tea. The best teacups are made from porcelain, as it is believed to enhance the flavor of the tea. When it comes to choosing your dinnerware, coffee cups are available in a range of styles and designs depending on the type of coffee you like, with espresso cups being the smallest.  how to teach a dog to roll over


White coffee cups tend to be tall and narrow, and cappuccino cups resemble a teacup but are typically larger with a wider surface area.


They are generally made of ceramic, but they can also be made of glass (they are often double-walled to keep the contents warm for longer and to protect hands). Mugs come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and tend to be barrel-shaped with a large handle. They are suitable for all kinds of drinks: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.


Cutlery Cutlery can be a very personal choice; They have to feel good in the hand, be functional, and hopefully complement the table decor. They come in a variety of designs, traditional parish designs, contemporary modern designs, and different metallic finishes and colors.


Everybody uses knives, forks and spoons, but there are types of cutlery with specific designs to cater for almost any food, from fish knives, to pastry forks, and many more. Good flatware is generally made from 18/10 stainless steel, which offers the best combination of durability and appearance, but can also have silver-plated, plastic handles, and various other materials.


Cutlery is often purchased in sets, either in wooden canteen boxes or without, but can also be purchased as individual pieces to build your perfect set.


Egg Cups Egg cups are used to serve and eat cooked eggs. The traditional design of an egg cup is a basic cup with a flared base for added stability. Modern designs include mini buckets or buckets. They are used to hold the egg while it is eaten, preventing your fingers from burning in the hot shell. They can be purchased individually or as a dinnerware set.


Food warmer The food warmers are metal plates with perforations stamped on the surface, beneath which are placed tea candles to provide a flame to heat the plate. They come in different sizes, allowing more plates to be placed on top to keep homemade dishes and take-out warm while serving.


Sauce Boat / Pitcher Sauce boats are used to serve the sauce to the table. It can be made of stainless steel or stoneware, which are good materials to retain heat. With a shape similar to that of a boat, one end will have a large handle, the other a wide spout ideal for pouring thick sauce, sauces or cream.


Sometimes they come with their own saucer to catch any drippings. A sauce jug is used for the same purpose but, as the name suggests, it is shaped like a jug. Some are insulated and have lids to keep the sauce warm.


Milk / Cream Jug Milk or cream jugs can be any shape or size but will all have a pour spout and most will have a handle. These pitchers can be purchased separately or as part of a dinnerware collection. Generally made of a ceramic material, they are also available in stainless steel.


Plates Plates are one of the main items in a tableware collection. There are many different styles of plates, which can be round, square or oval and decorated or patterned as part of the collection. Larger plates are used for main meals while smaller plates are used for bread and butter. The largest are serving plates, or "loading" plates.


The "Ramekins" the " Ramekins " are small individual dishes used for baking round plates. Its straight sides are perfect for making souffles as they allow the mixture to rise to create light and fluffy desserts. They are also used for another classic dessert: crème brûlée. Because they have to withstand extreme heat, the molds are normally made of heat resistant glass stoneware. These small plates have several other uses as well - they are great for prep work in the kitchen and can also be used to serve sandwiches and sauces.


Salad bowl Salad bowls are used to serve salads at the table. Larger than a standard bowl, they have shallow, rounded sides, making it easy to remove from the salad. Salad bowls are usually made of ceramic and can be quite decorative. Important utensil at the time of knowing how to choose the dishes.


Some are made of wood with matching wooden salad servers. Salad bowls can be a colorful feature for a lunch menu, as the large bowl with a brightly colored salad in it will stand out on the table.


Salt, pepper, herb and spice mills Salt and pepper mills are used to add seasonings to food. There are many different styles to choose from, from traditional to modern. Salt and pepper mills are one thing, the grinding mechanism. Salt mills will have a grinding mechanism made of plastic, or ideally ceramic (never steel, as salt corrodes it).


They are used to grind large pieces of sea salt into smaller grains, freeing up more surface area of ​​salt to better season the food. The pepper and spice mills will have a carbon steel mechanism, or ideally ceramic.


Again, and most importantly for pepper and spices, they crush peppercorns to release fresh flavor, adding a dimension of seasoning that pre-ground pepper cannot duplicate. Pepper mills are good for spices and dried peppers. Both types of grinder can be adjusted to allow fine or coarse grinding according to your needs.


There are new versions of these mills, often called chili mills, that work with fresh peppers and spices, with a higher moisture content. These have a carbon steel grating mechanism, which is very fine, and grates rather than grinds, giving the best aromas and flavors to your seasoning.


Sauce and Jam Pots Condiment pots for sauces and jams are small tubular pots, usually with a lid to keep the contents fresh. Some come with a serving spoon or in the case of honey, a ladle. Many of them are highly decorative or patterned to brighten up any table.


Storage Storage jars and containers are perfect for keeping items like sugar, tea, coffee, and flour dry. Containers of different sizes can be transparent or colored and made of stoneware, ceramic, plastic or metal. Most containers have a sealed airtight lid to keep freshness and can also be used to hold dry foods like pasta and rice.


Sugar Basin or Bowl A sugar basin or bowl is a lovely way to present and store sugar. These little basins accommodate a small amount of sugar and a serving spoon. Available in stainless steel or stoneware, they can be intricately decorated and stamped to match your collection or as a standalone item and usually come with a lid.


Table Rugs and Coasters Table Rugs and Coasters typically come in sets of 4 or 6. They typically have clean laminate fronts and cork backs to protect your table or work surface from scratches and damage. hot. Other materials include chalkboard, rattan, and cork.


Trays There are many different types of trays, but their main purpose is to carry food and drink or as a receptacle for storing small items. Standard trays will have two handles (often built into the raised edge of the tray) and can be rectangular, square, or round in shape.


They can be made of plastic, melamine, enamel or wood and will often be part of a collection to match the placemats and coaster. Other variations of the tray include a lap tray that has a padded base - great for eating on TV dinner! The sandwich tray is smaller than the standard tray, ideal for a cup and plate. The trinket tray is the smallest of the bunch and is great for storing small snacks. Trays are really interesting when you are learning how to choose dishes.


Compote / Bon Bon A compote (or compa) is a bowl or plate with legs that is used to serve food. The name dates back to the Victorian era, when a syrup-cooked fruit dessert called compote was all the rage.


Usually made of glass or ceramic, it has a flared edge for easy service. The biscuit bowls have a similar design, but with vertical sides. A "bon bon jar" is a glass jar with a lid originally designed to store "bons bons", but can be used to store a variety of different foods or products.


Vase A vase is a container without a handle that is used to display flowers and bouquets. Typically made of glass, some vases are colored or decorated with patterns on the surface. Smaller vases can sit on the table to accommodate a small bouquet of flowers.



Cleaning and storage are important aspects when it comes to choosing your dishes



Dishware, such as plates and bowls, is generally fine for use in the dishwasher, however always check the manufacturer's guidelines on this as some may not wear well or the patterns and colors may fade after prolonged use in the dishwasher. Alternatively, gently clean in hot soapy water.



The dishes can be stacked, but be careful not to scratch any area with pictures or colors. Delicate items such as tableware and glass should be handled with care and should not be stored with other heavy or sharp items that could damage or break them. Bulkier items should be stored separately and not stacked where they can damage other smaller delicate items.



This section is key to knowing how to choose your dishes: Most ceramics, stoneware, porcelain and tableware are perfectly fine for microwave use. However, any pattern or design that incorporates a metallic element or accent will not be suitable. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations before use.

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