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We are offering criminal law services in UAE for all kinds of criminal defense trials. With years of experience in building ironclad defenses for clients facing criminal charges in various cases, our criminal defense team has secured the best possible results in every trial we are part of. Call us today to get reliable criminal defense services in Dubai and other parts of the country. At the Law Offices of Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates and Legal Consultants, we represent individuals and organizations in criminal defense for all areas of criminal law. With over five years invested in the profession, the Al Banna brand is counted amongst the best criminal law firms in UAE.

We have trained our legal teams to be extremely professional. This enables us to promise our clients that the services they get are backed by thorough research, deliberation, and complete confidentiality. Working with us, your get assistance from professional criminals lawyers in Dubai and other cities.

Our lawyers and legal teams are trained to offer complete criminal defense legal services for all kinds of criminal lawsuits, including – but not limited to – the following:

  • Drugs related offenses, Drugs cases
  • Financial malpractice crimes
  • Extradition assistance
  • Violence related crimes
  • Sex associated offenses, sexual harassment
  • Deportation
  • Travel ban
  • Bail
  • Bounced cheque cases

Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates and Legal Consultants is one of the recognized law firms offering legal services to the people living in the UAE. Located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, they have a well-qualified growing team of legal professionals and law advisors who are well-versed in Sharia law as well as International law. They can represent you in any court or judicial tribunals in the UAE and the UK. The firm specializes in litigation and arbitration, commercial law, labor law immigration law, corporate formation and restructuring, maritime law, intellectual property rights, etc. Led by Dr. Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim Abdulla Al Banna, their team together bring decades’ worth of experience to the table, which makes it a sought-after law consultant in the region.


Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates and Legal Consultants

Dubai, Sh Zayed Road

Address: Suite 402, Al Saqr Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

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