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Bridge helps technology companies open a remote R&D office and hire software engineers locally. Unlike outsourcing vendors, who "rent" developers to build software projects, with Bridge you can build your own team and don't depend on third-parties. We open, staff, and manage your remote office keeping your expenses crystal clear, and saving you up to 72% of costs by building your team remotely.  

Our services include:

- Recruiting – our average lead time from the job posting to a full hire is less than one week. 

- Accounting – we handle legal, accounting, and tax compliance so you don't have to. 

- Payroll – payroll, bonuses, benefits, and all the sticky issues of employment law are on us.

- Office management – we only work with the Class A real estate when we open your office providing your employees with the best workspace and equipment.

We take 10% of an engineer’s monthly salary as a fee for taking the burden of the initial setup and ongoing management off your shoulders. 

How it works:

The whole process from team hiring to office selection to managing your team’s growth is done using our online platform:

- Create a job requisition on our platform and our team of recruiters will find candidates based on your requirements.

- Review candidates and schedule interviews

- Approve the candidates – we'll take care of their onboarding

- Choose an office for your team

Manage your business operations: salary, bonuses, performance reviews, office expansion, business trips – you can do everything with several clicks.

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