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Elite Pool Inspections is a leading pool barrier and fence inspection company in Queensland. If you have a spa or a swimming pool, the pool barrier and its access points ought to comply with the pool safety legislation in Queensland. Every year, the Queensland government requires that pool safety inspections be carried out and a certificate of compliance be issued for shared pools.  Non-shared pools must be compliant with pool safety legislation.

Services offered by Elite Pool Inspections

Pool Safety Certification

Pool Fence Regulations

Pool Safety Certificate

Pool Inspection                     

Pool Certificate

Pool Safety Inspections

Safety Certificate Gold Coast

Safety Certificate Sunshine Coast

Swimming Pool Inspections

Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane

Pool Safety Inspections Ipswich

Instead of putting your family or tenants' safety at risk, or risk incurring penalties by not complying with the pool regulations, Elite Pool Inspections gives you the opportunity to have your pool inspected by an expert to ensure you are not only on the right side of the law, but also have the peace of mind knowing your children are safe.

As the pool owner, landlord, or body corporate, it is your responsibility and part of your legal requirement to ensure your pool area is safe and compliant with the Pool Safety Standard. Engaging a professional like us to make sure your pool or spa meets all compliance requirements can be reassuring.


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Elite Pool Inspections

Elite Pool Inspections

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