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ISCA Global, the best arts and design colleges in Kerala. It is located in Kochi, Kerala. The college offers the best degree and PG courses. Admission is available on the spot. Choosing which college to attend for a career in animation is the most important decision of your life. There are several key highlights to consider while making ISCA Global the animation college of your choice. ISCA is the No.1 animation college in Kerala, with 10 years of hardcore experience in both animation education and production. As the leader among the Animation Institutes in Kerala, it is our priority to ensure the best of courses studying in which a student can excel with excellence in the industry. We have achieved practically 100% job placement for our scholars at attractive salaries. The entire Animation community in Kerala recognizes and appreciates the quality and caliber of ISCA Global students.

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ISCA Global

ISCA Global

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