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In this android and iOS chess games app we have all the lifetime 85 games of Magnus Carlsen with Viswanathan Anand , with Vishy leading 18-14. Get the app now and play wizard chess.

On 22 November 2013, Magnus Carlsen became World Champion! Magnus Carlsen collected the necessary 6.5 points to win the FIDE Chess World Championship 2013 match against Viswanathan Anand in Chennai, India. In this 'Chess Games Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand Chess board app for Android we decided to compile all games between these two great grandmasters of chess .Magnus Carlsen won the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Championship 2013 in London! It was the strongest tournament of its kind in chess history and it was one of the greatest wins of Magnus so far. As a World Championship Challenger Magnus earned the right to challenge one of the greatest all time stars Viswanathan Anand of Chennai, India for the World Championship title.

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