How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia And Boost Hemoglobin Count Safely?

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Iron is very important mineral that helps formation of hemoglobin. It is responsible for supplying oxygen in tissues that improves functioning of muscles. Lack of iron or hemoglobin can cause anemia that is hard to detect in initial stage as it doesn't show initial symptoms. Most of the people are not aware of whether they are anemic or not. Some symptoms of iron deficiency arises after sometime that include tingling feelings, dizziness, coldness in feet and hands, pale skin, fast heartbeat, fatigue, brittle nails, weakness and many more. Iron deficiency is more common in women as compared to men due to childbirth and monthly menstrual cycles. This guide is all about how to treat iron deficiency anemia and boost hemoglobin count.

Iron Rich Food: Deficiency of iron can be cured by taking iron rich diet. You should include kidney beans, oysters, beef liver, beef, tofu, turkey leg, tuna, whole wheat bread, shrimp, eggs, peanut butter, leg of lamb, raisin bran, brown rice, blackstrap molasses, lentils, and beans in your diet to prevent iron deficiency.

Feroplex capsules: If you want to get results in short span of time then you should choose Feroplex capsules. This is highly effective ayurvedic treatment that helps deal with problem of anemia. It contains pure and herbal components that helps enhance hemoglobin level in body naturally.

Health benefits of Feroplex capsules:

1. It increases hemoglobin count in blood
2. It helps provide O2 to tissues
3. It enhances red blood cells in body
4. It also prevents pale skin tone and offers redness in skin
5. It improves blood circulation
6. It helps proper development of muscles and reduces fatigue, dizziness and weakness
7. It keeps blood pressure under control and prevents breathing problems
8. It keeps heartbeat normal
9. It saves from heart failure and serious heart problems
10. It improves the functions of body organs.

Main ingredients of Feroplex capsule: The main ingredients include Mishri, Kasis Bhasma, Madur Bhasma and Lahu Bhasma.

Directions to Use: One can take 1 or capsule twice a day regularly for 3 to 4 months. Regular consumption would bring desired and good results.

Safe Home Remedies for Anemia:

Beetroot-Apple juice for anemia: Mix 1 cup apple juice with 1 cup beetroot juice. Add 2 tablespoon honey and stir well. Drink this mixture twice a day to cure anemic problem.

Honey-sesame paste: Take 2 tablespoon black sesame seeds and soak them in water for at least 2 hours. Crush these seeds and add honey in this paste. Take this paste twice a day to cure iron deficiency.

Dark green leafy vegetable: You should add green leafy vegetables to your diet to cure anemia. Even a half cup of spinach daily can help a lot.

Tomato: Take 1 to 2 raw tomatoes every day or include them in your diet in the form of salad, sandwiches to obtain the good results. You can take 1 glass tomato juice to cure iron deficiency.

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