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We work with these concepts in mind at all times: "In God we trust, all others bring data." -Edwards Deming.

SimCre Solutions understands the needs of health care facilities because we are medical professionals too. Our staff understands that delivering superior patient care requires that all members of the clinical system access this information quickly. By integrating with existing clinic information systems, our clinical solutions improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient care with software that is easy to use, vital to physicians and other medical staff, and cost-effective.

SimCre Solutions seeks to resolve the gaps and bottlenecks that exist in clinical settings. We create technical solutions that go beyond the minimum requirements and focus on bringing healthcare to the next level. Our experienced implementation team focuses on improving the patient care process at each individual clinic.

To learn more about SimCre Solutions, and our comprehensive clinical software solutions, please contact us at any time at tel:1 (877) 744 4277 or send an email to

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Himadri Shekhar Roy

Himadri Shekhar Roy

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