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Kavyata means ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit. We are a group of practitioners, coaches and thinkers facilitating insights and wisdom around Work - for individuals and organizations. 

We partner with individuals preparing them for the future of work through Career Coaching, Growth Coaching, online courses/workshops related to career and self-development. Today, careers are increasingly non-linear and to be able to create successful careers, individuals need agile mindsets and future ready skills of creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Through our coaching and workshops, we enable people to develop these
mindsets and skills.
We are among the very few coaches who specialize in Career Change/Transition coaching. It is estimated that people will not just change jobs but change entire careers at least 5-7 times over their working lives. Making these career changes/transitions can be difficult, confusing and uncertain; that is where we partner with individuals and help them make successful transitions. We have worked with hundreds of transitioning individuals and enabled them to acquire clarity on their career as well as move successfully into new careers.
To make organizations future ready, we partner with them in designing and delivering learning interventions around future skills and mindsets. Our interventions help in making mid-senior level leaders agile and enhancing the effectiveness of top teams. We also work with higher education institutions in designing future ready curriculums for their students.
Kavyata’s team consists of expert coaches and facilitators who have been working with senior level executives and leading organizations. Kavita Neelakantan, Founder, Kavyata is an IIM Ahmedabad alumna (2002) and has worked for over 18 years in Learning Design, Facilitation, Coaching and Talent Management.
Working with us around learning, future readiness, means that you get the best of insights and practical wisdom from our years of experience across People Development, Talent Management, Behavioural Change, Leadership Development and Organization Development.


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