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Are you looking for one-stop-shop for your IFTAR BOX? Take the best offers for mineral water bottles, fresh juices and dairy products under the same roof. Amongst the UAE's leading retailer for the latest and fresh products, you can browse the official site of Oasis direct. With some special offers including Bulk deals with 33% direct off on juices, we offer the best quality items. We can assure you that shopping at our store would be a pleasant experience. Coming Soon! All the offers are displayed until the validity date. Our discount store in Dubai has it all for all kinds of customers with some quality products. Discover our wide selection of quality products at lowest rates and enjoy free shipping on all orders within UAE region.
When it comes to the purified water or fresh juices in different packages, for sure we have no competition in the UAE market. We are the best supplier with bottled drinking water and this shows our commitment towards a healthy lifestyle. To provide the best quality items, we are certified from the health ministry which demonstrate the company’s operating system with high ethical and moral grounds.


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